Solutions for fuel & energy service stations

SingularLogic Fuel Retail

Holistic Integrated IT solution for the contemporary fuel & energy service stations.

  • > 1,800 fuel & energy service stations of all types in Greece
  • >  Is the choice of all fuel & energy companies in Greece for the self-operating service stations: Coral / Shell, EKO & BP, AVIN, ELIN & Aegean
  • > 1.1 million transactions / day with SingularLogic’s retail & fuel management solutions  


SingularLogic, with more than 35 years of active presence in the Retail industry, was the first company to implement an IT fuel monitoring and retail system in Greece in 1998. SingularLogic's Fuel Retail Solution introduced the IT dimension into service stations as a stand-alone entity, offering a holistic IT solution that is constantly evolving and effectively meets the complex needs of modern service stations:

  • Meets the requirements for compliance with the relevant legislation
  • Facilitates daily operation
  • Improves customer experience at the convenience stores located in the service stations
  • Enables successful customer loyalty programs

In the Greek fuel & energy market, big fuel & energy companies have presence with privately owned service stations or through franchises with partner service stations. Competition is intense in terms of quality, service, and communication activities. The market focuses strongly on consumer, whose preferences and habits have changed significantly through the years. The consumer expects personalized services, quick service, quality, competitive prices, and the ability to make additional purchases from the service station.

Service stations requirements are multidimensional and related to customer experience & loyalty efforts, legal obligations, and business management optimization.  In detail:

  • Monitor of pumps & tank stocks according to the inflows and outflows legislation
  • Automation and integration with the service station’s equipment
  • Special equipment and peripheral systems for fuel sales
  • Fuel vending machines, Employee identification system, Vehicle management, Electronic price displays
  • Retail sales management, with simultaneous central monitoring
  • Invoicing on a tank – Tank Sealing
  • Fast consumer service and smooth operation of the service station
  • Customer loyalty / reward system
  • Central Management of the service station network, implementation of commercial policies & operating procedures

Retail System

SingularLogic’s retail solutions provide complete interoperability with StationManager. In addition, they can be connected to Fintech systems for digital payments and electronic payment terminalsto sell goods and services in the convenience stores of the stations (C-Stores), among the most developing retail industries. Finally, for both privately owned and corporate service station networks, retail solutions are supported by corresponding back office applications.

Galaxy CRM & Loyalty

Flexible CRM software for successful loyalty programs. Effectively manages members, multiple levels of loyalty, dynamic reward scenarios, interfaces with POS, monitors loyalty account history, the overall program performance, manages personalized marketing activities and works with loyalty portals, apps, identification devices, smart, proximity cards, vehicle rings, etc.

Tank pricing

A portable pricing system on the tank, with special equipment, made to respond to harsh field conditions allowing the fuel distributor to issue electronic documents marked at the distribution point and having at his disposal all the necessary information about the customer and his orders.

Physical security solutions

This sector has now been upgraded and all systems are interconnected with IT infrastructure. SingularLogic undertakes the , design, development and implementation of intelligent controlled access, security and surveillance systems such as alarm systems, access control, fire detection / fire protection, video analytics.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is a mean of targeted point-of-sale advertising with dynamic content and can be centrally controlled. At the service stations, digital signages are used in the area of ​​the "square" but also in the C-Store for informing customers about news, weather, traffic and products & services promotion.

IoT energy management systems

The SenseOne IoT Platform provides tools for monitoring the energy footprint as well as other measurements collected from sensors, instruments, and systems, in real-time, related to the monitoring of consumption, e.g., lighting, cooling/heating, refrigerator temperatures, filling of waste collection boats and environmental conditions such as indoor temperature, humidity, etc. Furthermore, tSenseOne IoT platform presents real-time data in smart Dashboards based on which corrective actions are proposed for more efficient, economical, safer, and more environmentally friendly management and operation.

Support Services

For the  service stations, service is a key factor for the smooth operation of their facilities. SingularLogic provides specialized services in up to 24x7 based SLAs, through a call center, with Remote and Field services, nationwide.

  • Modular and fully scalable solution that supports network development
  • The central management and monitoring of the service stations' activities from one point ensures the organization and coordination of the network stores, with complete transparency in the operating data
  • Easy integration of new sales activities in service stations, based on each company's strategic plans for creating one-stop-shop service stations, which offer expanded service and an enriched range of goods and services, e.g., food and coffee.
  • Faster customer service with automated sales and payment processes (Cardlink, SIA, EDPS, Viva, OKTO, Tora, etc.)
  • A Smart, fast, and friendly user interface that protects the user from handling errors, provides security in transactions and traceability in the organization.
  • Easy design of retail promotions in the backoffice, with immediate adoption at service stations and selected points, enhancing competitiveness
  • The loyalty system strengthens the customer's bond with the business and the service station, improves the experience by rewarding the Seamless operation of the service station with immediate and quality support.
  • Seamless operation of the service station with immediate and quality support. More than 60 specialized engineers and consultants offer high-quality initial installation services, training, and ongoing support, telephone, remote and field, up to 24x7, ensuring the smooth operation of service stations nationwide.