Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the key IT systems which ensure the seamless operation of any business or organisation and allow fast decision making on an executive management level.

SingularLogic is a key player in the Greek market offering ERP solutions designed not only for private companies - of different sizes and in different business areas—but also for public sector organisations in need of customized large-scale solutions.

The ERP solutions it offers are either based on own products or on international platforms, and come bundled with high quality services ensuring that clients receive a fully functional and operational system tailored to the specific needs of their business environment.

Our ERP solutions are based on a series of own products that are supported on many installations. The Enterprise Suite is based on the Galaxy platform and is chosen by a large range of companies for its utterly functional and state-of-the-art features. SingularLogic has also installed and provides support for the CompaqWin  solution at large companies, while the CompakG  platform has proven to be an ideal choice for banks, telecom providers and the public sector as it incorporates specific functions for each one of them.

In addition to its own product range, SingularLogic possesses substantial know-how and experience with the SAP platform which is another very popular ERP solution mainly amongst large companies and organisations, as it provides considerable functionality and expandability.

When it comes to an ERP system, SingularLogic guarantees:

  • Extensive functionality.
  • Solutions tailored to the specific needs of the company and the business sector it operates in.
  • Highly experienced and specialised technical support staff for system roll-out.
  • Consulting and support services during the transition to the new operating environment.
  • Interface capabilities with other existing systems or future applications.
  • SingularLogic features the widest customer base in Greece developing, installing and supporting ERP systems.
  • It possesses experienced staff in the development, configuration and technical support for each product.
  • Its expert consultants provide operational support to clients, ensuring seamless and efficient integration of the solution into the company's existing operations.
Case Studies
  • Working in partnership with the Hygeia Group, SingularLogic developed a cutting edge Model Hospital Management System (MHMS) that utilises the outsourcing approach to meet the Hygeia Group’s operating needs.
  • SingularLogic partnered with the Deloitte and Unisystems for the development of the Ministry of Finance’s Fiscal Policy MIS for the State General Accounting Office. This system is the central tool for monitoring, controlling and rationally...
  • SingularLogic undertook to develop an IT system for the PENTE—GALAXIAS GROUP based on the SAP ERP, offering not just software but also customisation, configuration, development, installation, training and support services. The new IT system meets...
  • SingularLogic undertook to install and provide support for the hospital’s Integrated Information System. The system covers all hospital activities and includes a Hospital Information System (HIS), ERP, LIS and RIS.
  • SingularLogic’ assignment was to re-design business processes, implement and run all IT systems and business procedures for the companies DELTA, Vigla, and Eurofeed in Greece and United Milk Company (UMC) in Bulgaria, as well as Vivartia Holdings,...