Retail Management Systems

To offset the impact of economic conditions and to deal with the business challenges the sector poses, retailers exploit the advantages technology has to offer by installing and using Retail Management Systems.

SingularLogic has systematically invested in the retail trade market, offering clients an extensive range of solutions including specialised applications tailored for every business need.

SingularLogic develops its Retail Management Systems following the latest technological developments and in accordance with current legislation, while also offering internationally acclaimed software suites to meet specific market needs.

SingularLogic’s Retail Management solutions are ideal for retailers of various sizes in sectors as diverse as:

  • Consumer goods stores such as supermarkets, cash and carry stores, etc.
  • Department stores and clothing stores.
  • Specialist retailers (cosmetics, games, technology, electrical appliances, etc.).
  • Food stores (butchers’ shops, bakeries, patisseries, etc.).
  • Catering establishments (fast-food restaurants, cafes, etc.).


SingularLogic’s specialised Fuel Management solutions are aimed at large or small petrol stations and all petroleum product trading companies that need to supervise partnered or privately owned petrol stations.

Retail Management solutions are integrated, technologically complete software applications of advanced functionality addressing the management and mission-critical operational needs that chain stores face in the goods and services retail sector.
Offering extensive core functionality for Front and Back Office procedures in–store, they can also be upgraded with a series of add-ons for customer loyalty, full supply chain management, portable terminals support, closed circuit credit management and report generation.
SingularLogic has developed the SingularLogic Retail System, ARTius High Street, and Galaxy Retail applications that are suggested to clients based on the specific needs of each business. 
Catering specifically for the needs of the petrol station market, SingularLogic has also developed the SingularLogic Station Manager application that includes central and peripheral petrol station management systems

SingularLogic makes a unique technology partner if you need to install a Retail Management System thanks to its:

  • Considerable experience in implementing major IT projects with a large number of installations nationwide.
  • Specialised know-how and solutions constantly evolving with the addition of new functionality and their adjustment to new laws and regulations.
  • Extensive portfolio of specialised solutions that can be fully tailored to every business.
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable roll-out team, as well as its highly-organised customer support department for all client needs.
  • Robust nationwide network of partners able to respond immediately to failure recovery requests and provide on-site support.

 SingularLogic is constantly investing in the Retail Management sector:

  • Supermarkets and intensive retail
  • Department stores / clothing stores
  • Specialist retailers / electronic appliances
  • Catering / Food
  • Petrol stations


Case Studies
  • SingularLogic was commissioned to upgrade functionality on the Retail Management System covering stores in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.  
  • Olympus Plaza commissioned SingularLogic to run its IT systems and business processes for its retail outlets (using the outsourcing model).    Using the cutting-edge retail management system SingularLogic Retail System, that has been specifically...