Credit Facilities Management Systems (CFMS)

Today financial institutions are players in an intensively competitive market with an ever-expanding customer base. For them, using IT systems, and in particular utilising efficient Credit Facilities Management Systems, has become of vital importance.

SingularLogic has developed and installed CFMS solutions that employ international best practices, allowing it to meet the needs of numerous large businesses in the financial sector that account for a major share of that market.

SingularLogic’s CFMS solutions are based on own products developed that come bundled with top quality services throughout the implementation process. Our aim is to deliver a functional solution tailored to the specific needs of each and every financial institution be it a bank, finance or operating lease company, factor or payments manager.

Our CFMS solutions are based on a series of applications developed by SingularLogic which have been installed nationwide and are components of the Galaxy platform.

Our solutions cover the following areas of business activity and procedures:

  • Leasing management for finance & operating leases: An integrated software solution for leasing companies of all sizes managing finance and operating leases that fully automates transactions.
  • Factoring & Forfaiting Management: An integrated solution for companies, bank departments and financial institutions that offer factoring services, supporting all factoring claims and also providing centralised credit risk management functionality.
  • Collections management: An IT system that successfully organises, automates and simplifies management of debts in arrears and related litigation.


For Securities and Investment firms, SingularLogic offers a specialised ERP solution called Securities ERP that includes all the functionality of an ERP system but is fully customised to meet the specific needs of securities firms such as securities treasury management, portfolio management, etc.

Choosing SingularLogic as a partner to install a CFMS guarantees:

  • Solutions offering extensive functionality, fully in line with the Greek and international regulatory framework.
  • Solutions tailored to the organisation’s specific needs.
  • Consulting and support services by expert consultants who analyse your needs and blueprint the specific environment.
  • Option to interface with other existing systems or future applications.

SingularLogic has 15 years of experience in developing, installing and providing support for CFMS solutions. It has an extensive customer base that includes businesses and organisations such as:

  • Hellenic PostBank, Bank of Greece, EFG Eurobank and Marfin Egnatia Bank.
  • Marfin Leasing, Ethniki Leasing, Piraeus Leasing, Piraeus Leasing Bulgaria, Emporiki Leasing, Cyprus Finance Leasing, Piraeus Best Leasing.
  • Marfin Investment Group, ΑΤΕ Construction & IT Co. S.A., ING Insurance, ALLIANZ Insurance, Hellenic Exchanges.


SingularLogic has an experienced team of consultants and technicians. Their know-how and experience guarantees the successful installation of solutions in good time, while solutions can be easily customised to suit the environment within each specific organisation.



Case Studies
  • SingularLogic was commissioned to develop and install a CFMS for EFG Eurobank. The system was based on the Credit Facilities Management System (CFMS) application and has also been rolled out to EFG Eurobank Bulgaria.  
  • National Securities S.A. entrusted SingularLogic with installing the company’s ERP system. The solution chosen was based on SingularLogic’s Securities ERP application and offers the full functionality of an ERP system tailored to meet the specific...