Speech Technologies

Speech Technology systems primarily utilise innovative natural speech recognition / comprehension, speech synthesis and speaker recognition technologies to improve man-machine voice interaction and to convert the most widespread communications medium (the phone) into a particularly friendly and efficient channel for providing customer and partner service.

SingularLogic is continuously investing in innovative voice technologies in its endeavour to improve the portfolio of solutions it offers in this sector. Reliable voice technology systems are now regularly and successfully integrated with SingularLogic’s proprietary products and the applications and platforms the company utilises such as ERP systems, CRM systems (Siebel / Galaxy CRM), and telephony solutions (AVAYA Contact Center, AVAYA IP Office, NEC solutions).

Integrating products in this way has generated high added value for the bundled solutions SingularLogic now offers, allowing clients to use innovative products and capitalise on modern ICTs in an optimum manner.

Speech technology systems are primarily aimed at companies and organisations that manage large volumes of incoming or outgoing phone calls such as:

  • Banks and securities firms
  • Call centers
  • Shipping companies and airlines
  • Urban and intercity bus companies
  • Telecom providers
  • Local government authorities, port authorities, prefectures and municipal services
  • Polling companies
  • Petroleum product companies, etc.

The speech technology solutions SingularLogic has developed and supports incorporate:

  • Smart, flexible dialogue management (system, user and data user driven systems)
  • Automatic speech recognition and high quality speech synthesis
  • Speaker identity recognition / authentication


SingularLogic also offers a suite of specialised solutions by the name of VoiceSystems intended for specific markets such as banking transactions (VoiceSystems/Banking), routing of incoming and outgoing calls (VoiceSystems/CallRouter), directory inquiries systems for landline and mobile telephony companies (VoiceSystems/DA), automatic order taking and management systems (VoiceSystems/Order) and route/itinerary and booking systems for boats and planes (VoiceSystems/Sea, VoiceSystems/Air), etc.


Choosing the Speech Technology solutions that SingularLogic develops and supports guarantees:

  • An immediate increase in the degree of business process automation.
  • Improved and consistent quality of services and reduced ‘on hold’ time.
  • Friendlier self-service systems.
  • Higher availability of provided services (24x7).
  • Increased productivity, primarily for complex call centers.
  • Full support from a team of expert consultants, with experience and knowledge in language technology and voice interfaces.
  • Protection for your investment by adopting all cutting-edge technology standards (WebServices/SOAP, VoiceXML/CCXML, SIP/H.323/E1, CSTA, and others).
  • Use of the world’s best speech recognition and synthesis engines.
  • Experience in a range of IVR platforms, technologies and call centers (Intervoice, AVAYA, Syntellect, Genesys, Nortel, Alcatel, Siemens, and CISCO to name a few).

SingularLogic has developed, installed and provides support for a large number of Voice Technology Systems for various businesses and organisations tailored to meet their specific needs. Examples of companies/organisations where such systems have been installed include:

  • EFG Eurobank
  • Marfin Egnatia Bank
  • Emporiki Bank
  • Cyprus Popular Bank
  • Newsphone Hellas
  • 6 Municipalities and more than 15 urban and intercity bus companies
  • Cyclades Chamber
  • Hellenic Seaways
  • Radio Taxi Cooperative / Heraklion Crete
  • Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection / Athens Police HQ
  • Aegean Oil
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