Healthcare provider solutions

As a dynamic player in the healthcare sector, SingularLogic offers a range of solutions designed to meet the specialised needs of healthcare providers of any size. The solutions available include:

  • the Model Hospital Management System (MHMS), an innovative system that has already been rolled out to and implemented at all hospitals in the HYGEIA Group in both Greece and abroad, as well as
  • specialised peripheral solutions, applications and ICT services for healthcare providers.


SingularLogic’s solutions are aimed at healthcare providers in the public and private sector alike:

  • hospitals, maternity hospitals and clinics
  • medical and diagnostic centers
  • healthcare groups offering primary healthcare services
  • private doctor’s surgeries in various areas of specialisation, as well as joined practices
  • individual laboratories that seek to reduce management costs, gain better control over procedures and optimise patient service


SingularLogic provides clients with the option to either assign or transfer one or more core operations to it using the Outsourcing model. SingularLogic is an expert in managing the applications, communications, IT systems, and any business processes of healthcare facilities.

The Model Hospital Management System (MHMS) is based on the SAP platform and its development has made a decisive contribution to:

  • Uniform management of the entire range of healthcare services including procedures, materials, medicines, beds and commercial policy.
  • Common procedures, data and structures when a function is performed by more than one hospitals within the same group.
  • Application of the system to new hospitals in Greece and abroad using the same operating model.


 The MHMS allows for transparency when managing medical, diagnostic centers, and public and private hospitals, ensures direct information and supports flexible decision-making; it promotes reductions in overheads, improves control over procedures and guarantees better patient service.

Peripheral solutions include:

IT solutions

  • SmartCards for user identification
  • An appointment management system for in- and out-patients
  • Digital archiving of medical documentation
  • Comprehensive management of all patient dietary requirements


Telecommunications solutions

  • Health Alert/BlueCode system
  • Contact Centers & IP Telephony
  • Contact Center services

SingularLogic has proven itself to be a unique technology partner for organisations that need to install a Hospital Management System, by providing:

  • Platforms and applications covering the entire range of hospital operations.
  • In-depth knowledge of both the operational and technological aspects of the specific environment.
  • Staff with extensive experience and know-how in the field, as well as reliable support mechanisms.
  • Capabilities for providing solutions based on various alternative models. 

The solution has been installed and successfully commissioned at the HYGEIA Group, the most advanced private healthcare group in Greece today.  The Group operates in 3 countries in SE Europe with 6 private hospitals in Greece, Albania and Cyprus, with a total capacity of 1,404 beds.

SingularLogic has also installed specialised solutions at the Rea Maternity hospital and at National Bank Staff Health Fund.


Case Studies
  • Working in partnership with the Hygeia Group, SingularLogic developed a cutting edge Model Hospital Management System (MHMS) that utilises the outsourcing approach to meet the Hygeia Group’s operating needs.
  • SingularLogic undertook to install and provide support for the hospital’s Integrated Information System. The system covers all hospital activities and includes a Hospital Information System (HIS), ERP, LIS and RIS.
  • SingularLogic installed and provides support for the CRM system used by the Hygeia Group’s hospitals.