Property Management System

When businesses and organisations like banks and real estate agencies have a property portfolio, one key point in ensuring optimum development and reduced expenditure is the rational management of these properties.

SingularLogic offers an integrated Property Management System providing comprehensive, reliable property management and monitoring operations. The system consists of two seamlessly integrated modules:

  • Management: This is the core module designed to facilitate comprehensive property management for rentals, damage to property and, insurance, among other things.
  • Construction: a supplementary module ideal for monitoring building work, repairs, property conversions, and so on.


SingularLogic ensures that this system is constantly updated and tailored to meet client needs.

The Property Management System consists of a:

Management module

  • Property logging and management
  • Rental agreements (leases, letting, subletting)
  • Property insurance
  • Property damage
  • Property revenues / expenses
  • Property sales as part of tender procedures
  • Alerts


Construction module

  • Phasing
  • Supplier offers / contracts
  • Acceptance / Quantity surveying
  • Property maintenance

A series of in-built functions render the application unique, functional and highly efficient. These include:

  • an easy-to-use interface
  • multi-language support
  • GIS system and automatic display of map locations
  • a robust management information system
  • user online alerts
  • an integrated reporting module

SingularLogic makes a unique technology partner for organisations that seek a Property Management System thanks to its:

  • Extensive experience in implementing major projects in the sector.
  • Solution that offers comprehensive functionality tailored specifically to the property management sector.
  • Skilled development and support team with considerable know-how in this specific sector.
  • Long-term experience and in-depth knowledge in seamlessly interfacing various systems to create a single complex business and technological environment.


SingularLogic has equipped the following companies with property management solutions:

  • Eurobank EFG
  • MIG Real Estate
  • Akropol Haragionis
  • Terra Stabile.
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