Local Government solutions

We live in the age of e-government yet there remains a vital need to modernise procedures, reduce costs and bolster local government revenues. ICT solutions can and must be used to achieve these objectives.

SingularLogic has extensive experience working with local government authorities offering IT solutions that go one step beyond merely computerising procedures, and help them to re-engineer processes and improve the level of service offered to both citizens and businesses.

These solutions cover:

  • e-Government projects
  • Back Office systems
  • Specialised applications


They are ideal for meeting the needs of:

  • Local government authorities
  • Municipal enterprises with social function
  • Municipal kindergartens
  • Municipal water supply and irrigation companies
  • District heating scheme operators
  • Solid Waste Managers


Based on own products , SingularLogic’s solutions for local government authorities come bundled with a range of top quality services designed to ensure that the client receives a fully functional solution. SingularLogic utilises its nationwide network of partners to guarantee support for day-to-day operations.

Local government back office solutions include:

  • The 'Genesis’ Integrated Information System

The Genesis System is an all-encompassing environment that allows for uniform, efficient management of local government authority financial and administrative operations. It is fully certified and compatible with the Ministry of Interior’s local government authority uniform financial management system. The Genesis system incorporates a wide range of financial and administrative applications to meet the special requirements of local government authorities.

  • Payrolling and HRM

SingularLogic's Payrolling & HRM solution, fully tailored to the needs of local government authorities

  • Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection Recruitment Management applications

These applications ensure the proper management of all recruitment competitions run by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection with the aim to hire seasonal and full-time staff.

  • Water Supply & Sewerage Management

This application was developed to meet the computerisation needs of Municipal Water Supply & Sewerage Companies.

e-Government solutions that capitalise on SingularLogic’s know-how in this field are also available.

Choosing SingularLogic as a partner to install a local government authority IT system guarantees:

  • Extensive functionality in all local government authority operational sectors.
  • Solutions tailored to the organisation’s specific needs.
  • Highly experienced and specialised technical support staff for system roll-out throughout Greece, via SingularLogic’s extensive network of partners.
  • Consulting and support services during the transition to the new operating environment and for everyday operations.
  • Interface capabilities with other existing systems or future applications.


SingularLogic has successfully deployed IT projects for more than 90 municipalities out of a total of 325 municipalities after the Kallikratis law in 2010 (or 300 out of a total of 900 municipalities as calculated by the Kapodistrias reform) in almost every region of Greece .
The following projects have also been implemented at central level:

  • Western & Southern Greece Municipal Portals
  • LGAF, a single local government environment offering services to citizens and businesses (developed on behalf of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities)


The company is staffed with technicians skilled in developing, configuring and providing technical support for solutions. It also has expert consultants in the local government authority sector offering operational support and providing valuable assistance that enables local government authorities to seamlessly and efficiently integrate the solution in day-to-day operations.

SingularLogic possesses also an extensive network of authorised partners nationwide comprising of IT companies that are key players in their own local area. This network of partners guarantees immediate professional service for SingularLogic’s clients, while effectively and efficiently addressing their needs.

Case Studies
  • SingularLogic developed and to this day continues to provide support for the LGAF system (a single portal offering access to local government services aimed at citizens and businesses) which was the first attempt to consolidate local government...
  • The idea behind this project was to develop and run online municipal portals for 98 municipalities located in the Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Island Regions to facilitate the uptake of new technologies, especially the Internet, for...