Portals - Content Management

In addition to performing their main function as a software platform for developing websites and web-based applications, modern portals also come with numerous advanced functions making them the best choice for providing a wide range of web-based applications. Just some of the most common uses of portals are:

  • To allow users to view different pages depending on their authentication status.
  • To allow authenticated users to view different pages depending on their role and rights.
  • To run legacy web-based applications and
  • To allow teams of independent users to creatively collaborate using content, document and file applications.


SingularLogic designs, implements and supports portals and business platforms that generate immediate results and guarantee long-term value; ideal for businesses and organisations no matter their sector of the economy.

Installed at major clients from just about every sector of the market, SingularLogic’s solutions have a proven track record. Key features are the innovative use of cutting-edge technology and the adoption of state-of-the-art architecture, bundled with extensive functionality such as:

  • State-of-the-art content management
  • Web publishing and shared workspaces
  • Business partnerships
  • Social networking and mashups
  • Businesses portals and cutting-edge Identity Management tools

Compatible with the majority of solutions available from globally acclaimed providers, SingularLogic’s solutions utilise application servers, databases and operating systems to reduce new infrastructure costs.

The solutions SingularLogic offers in this sector for the projects it implements are based on a diverse range of platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Sharepoint, and DotNetNuke.

SingularLogic’s integrated solutions provide the right mix of practical functionality, ease of use and technological innovation. Its solutions ensure you get the following features and options:

  • Straightforward interactive application development: every solution offered ensures a single interface for integrating all business systems into a uniform, easy-to-use work environment for end users.
  • A flexible business integration environment: one of the key features of SingularLogic’s solutions is that they allow content and services from back-end or legacy applications to be seamlessly integrated irrespective of the technology they employ.
  • Interoperability: interoperability with any back office application is possible. SingularLogic’s solutions will even allow the communication with third party platforms or websites developed using different technologies.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality: every solution allows numerous tools and built-in applications to be activated, meaning the client can tailor the solution to suit the environment they wish. SingularLogic’s range of applications here covers activities and operations such as content management, team-building, content publication and social networking.
  • Support for state-of-the-art security mechanisms: SingularLogic’s solutions are equipped with suitably configured mechanisms that comply with basic security requirements such as robust authentication, authorisation control, content and message integrity, confidentiality controls for storage and communication mechanisms, non-repudiation, and high availability.
  • Role-based content distribution: different types of users can log on to a single website or to a unique page matching the specific role of users, of teams or of an organisation, or matching specific personal preferences.
  • Workflow planner: the solutions available ensure easy, flexible integration of workflows into any customised application.
  • Support for communities and organisations: users can be grouped together into various communities or organisations within the business facilitating management and offering the client considerable flexibility.
  • Multi-lingual support:  the solutions can support 30+ languages.
  • Performance monitoring and management: the  solutions allow administrators to view key performance indicators, operations and usage statistics for all supported applications and pages.
  • Secure Single Sign On (SSO): the solutions allow users to connect to different systems and access them using secure, transparent Single-Sign-On mechanisms.
  • Browser compatibility: the website displays uniformly on any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).
  • Accessibility standards supported: the solutions fully support the WCAG accessibility standard. Compliance levels can be tailored to match client wishes.

Choosing SingularLogic as a partner to install a Portal guarantees:

  • Full functionality.
  • A solution customised to the business’ specific needs.
  • An efficient roll-out methodology coupled with in-depth knowledge of development tools.
  • Proven skills in seamlessly integrating and interfacing with existing systems.


Just some of the advantages of the platforms, technologies and protocols used are listed below:

  • They are actively backed by the largest international standards organisations, large software developers and top teams of open and closed source software programmers.
  • They feature detailed documentation.
  • They account for a large share of the global market in business solutions, supported by an immense range of both global and local companies, if required.
  • They have been successfully deployed in large, highly demanding projects in both the public and private sector.
  • They reflect international, contemporary trends in the architecture employed in business systems, offering the potential for expandability and seamless integration of future apps.
  • They utilise and showcase open source software currently developed in Greece and Europe.

The SingularLogic staff are reliable, with experience and know-how in developing and seamlessly integrating IT systems and cutting-edge development environments. Just some of the projects implemented include:

  • The Marfin Egnatia Bank website.
  • OTE’s corporate portal and the site
  • The Local Government Access Framework (LGAF), a single local government authority online environment allowing local government authorities to provide online services to citizens and businesses
Case Studies
  • SingularLogic developed and to this day continues to provide support for the LGAF system (a single portal offering access to local government services aimed at citizens and businesses) which was the first attempt to consolidate local government...
  • SingularLogic was commissioned to develop a Directory Assistance Platform for OTE. Anything to do with 11888 on the Internet has now been brought together under a single umbrella. Utilising only open source technologies, the new portal incorporates...
  • The idea behind this project was to develop and run online municipal portals for 98 municipalities located in the Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Island Regions to facilitate the uptake of new technologies, especially the Internet, for...