Document / Workflow and Register Management

As demands of contemporary businesses or organizations are constantly growing, the use of modern IT systems which expedite business practices and simplify daily processes is becoming all the more essential.

The solution SingularLogic offers is built on three core and inextricably linked pillars: Register Management, Document Management and Process & Workflow Management.

These three subsystems are the product of year-long experience in business software development and are bound to fully meet all the needs and requirements of modern businesses and organisations.

Through a dynamic configuration and support subsystem, the system is entirely adapted to customers’ needs and can offer support for complex processes.

The Register, Document and Process & Workflow management application includes the following functionality:

Document registering

  • Capturing and leveraging the organisation’s or enterprise’s structure, and support for unlimited register entries in a single installation
  • Detailed logs and categories for inbound and outbound documents
  • Attachment of unlimited digital files for every register entry and simultaneous interface between register entries and documents
  • Distinguishing between inbound and outbound, and assigning register number automatically
  • Register verification printouts
  • Automated registering of internal correspondence for organisations
  • Register entry matching
  • Ability to receive electronic requests (eg. requests, complaints through a website)
  • Built-in traders management
  • Dispatch list
  • Easy and flexible search capabilities for registered documents
  • Register reports

Assignment of documents

  • Assignment and dispatch of register documents to system users, and automatic alert (if needed)
  • Assignment of inbound register documents to one or more departments and/or employees while keeping other employees in the email loop as well
  • On-screen display of pending assignments
  • Ability to transfer assignment to another employee
  • Accurate dates for register document assignment or transfer, and complete document assignment history
  • A complete picture of all assignments in progress per employee, department of administration

Document Management

  • Archiving, management and display of electronic files of any format (eg. Word, TIFF, PDF, image, CAD, GIS etc)
  • Support for structured information (metadata) per document, defined via parametres
  • Classification of documents in hierarchical categories; ability to set different metadata per category
  • The electronic position of the document corresponds to its physical archive to ensure easy location
  • Search document functionality by the title and summary, or by specific fields (metadata) which concern a particular category
  • Search for a document by content
  • Grouping of electronic documents to hierarchically structured folders, independently of document category
  • History log for documents and their versions
  • Versioning (version management) and secure document modification process (check in – check out mechanism)
  • Document approval workflows and publication
  • Access rights to documents by category and folder

When it comes to a register and document management system, SingularLogic guarantees:

  • Full functionality
  • A solution customised to business specific needs
  • An efficient roll-out methodology coupled with in-depth knowledge of development tools
  • Proven skills in seamlessly integrating and interfacing with existing systems


The Register, Document and Process & Workflow management application features:

  • A web application with zero client installation requirements (other than a Web browser)
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Simultaneous support for multiple addresses of an organisation or enterprise, or of a group of companies with a single installation
  • Remote access to the application based on system security rules
  • Storage and management of all electronic files of your organisation/enterprise with the necessary structured information (metadata).
  • Scanning and attaching documents during register entries or independent document entries
  • Easy search and recovery of stored files
  • A secure user access system with access rights to specific functions and documents
  • Versatility and ability for customisation according to the enterprise or organisation’s needs
  • Ability for integration with other systems through webservices

SingularLogic staff is reliable, with experience and know-how in developing and seamlessly integrating IT systems and cutting-edge development environments. Just some of the projects implemented include:

  • Electronic Register & Library System for the General Administration units of the Public Power Corporation (PPC).
  • Document Management System for the General Directorate for Defense and Investments and Armaments of the Ministry of National Defense. The system incorporates digital signature functionality and is fully attached to the Directorate's contract management system.
  • E-City Planning – Integrated IT system: designed to monitor Building Services (former Urban Planning Authorities) throughout the country. The system operates smoothly with more than 2,000 active users, includes register and workflow management functionality and meets all distinct and unique requirements of such services.