Open Source

Nowadays open source software is widely used to design and develop critical systems and infrastructure and this phenomenon is on the rise. Open source software is the driving force behind a whole series of really important innovations today in IT and plays a critical role in ensuring that the products developed are functionally efficient and offer real value for businesses.

One of the benefits of going open source is that the shorter time required to develop open source software significantly reduces ownership and usage costs.  Open source software is now an integral part of the business operations of modern-day companies, offering a truly reliable alternative solution to licensed software. 

While the cost factor continues to be a critical issue in deciding whether or not to go open source, the ever-increasing quality of such software, its reliability, robust security and functionality, coupled with flexibility and ease of management, design capabilities and the sheer range of critical applications now available, have led many IT procurement managers to opt for open source software for their company’s business operations.

Just some of the most popular instances when open source software is used are listed below:
1) When the license for standard software for application servers, databases or operating systems is about to run out or when critical content management and e-commerce infrastructure needs to be overhauled.

2) When the technology currently used is up for review and/or has to be re-structured for technical or business reasons, or because of cost reductions.

3) When open source software available and the sheer pace at which the software is being improved by countless user groups has begun to make the open source path a better option than standard licensed software.
It’s standard practice at SingularLogic to keep track of all the latest developments in technology. As a company that strives to keep its solutions up-to-date and relevant, SingularLogic has become a leading player in the use of open source products and technologies. This is nothing new though, since SingularLogic actually started using reliable open source business suites when they first began to appear in the 1990s.

SingularLogic’s know-how in relation to each of the major open source fields is listed below:

Operating Systems RDBMS Web & application Servers ESB & Middleware Portal & CMS Directory Server IDM Ecommerce BPM
CentOS MySQL Apache Mule ESB   Open LDAP ForgeRock Prestashop JBPM
Ubuntu PostgreQL Tomcat ServiceMix Drupal Open DJ   Magento Intallio
RedHat   JBoss Spring Joomla     VirtueMart Activiti


SingularLogic has been able to successfully advise businesses and organisations in the public and private sector, and help them develop operation-critical applications and infrastructure tailored to meet their highly complex and demanding business and IT needs utilising open source tech. Just some of the projects it has implemented in this way include:

  • Local Government Access Framework (LGAF) – a single portal offering local government authority services to citizens and businesses
  • ΟΤΕ : Corporate Portal and


Businesses and organisations opting to partner with SingularLogic benefit from the direct and creative communication with the company’s highly experienced IT experts.


Case Studies
  • SingularLogic developed and to this day continues to provide support for the LGAF system (a single portal offering access to local government services aimed at citizens and businesses) which was the first attempt to consolidate local government...
  • SingularLogic was commissioned to develop a Directory Assistance Platform for OTE. Anything to do with 11888 on the Internet has now been brought together under a single umbrella. Utilising only open source technologies, the new portal incorporates...