Strategic Partnerships


SingularLogic is certified as a LIFERAY Silver Service Partner. This certification relates to the design and development of cutting-edge web (Β2Β, Β2C, G2B, G2C) solutions and services based on LIFERAY’s Digital Experience platform.

LIFERAY’s DXP integrated platform allows for all types of business models and content, creating navigation for end users, improving the online experience and offering immediate results and long-term value to the organization that adopts it.

LIFERAY is an open code platform that remains flexible in technological and programming terms, offers great reliability, provides robust security mechanisms, ensures high performance and stability, and is complemented by a series of third party IT systems, well known, widely-used communication protocols offering maximum interoperability.

SingularLogic continues to strategically invest in developing its know-how in state-of-the-art technologies, and offering continuous training to its staff, as it implements and supports successful business solutions with high investment performance.