As a dynamic player in the healthcare market, SingularLogic retails innovative ICT solutions and services that cater for the specialist needs of:

  • hospitals, maternity hospitals and clinics
  • medical and diagnostic centers
  • healthcare groups offering primary healthcare services
  • private doctor’s surgeries in various areas of medical specialization
  • individual labs


SingularLogic has the necessary infrastructure in terms of hardware, facilities and know-how, and trained consultants creating specialised teams for all the solutions it offers.

One of the best examples of an integrated solution SingularLogic has developed specifically for this sector is the HYGEIA Group’s Model Hospital Management System.

Case Studies

SingularLogic installed and provides support for the CRM system used by the Hygeia Group’s hospitals.
SingularLogic undertook to install and provide support for the hospital’s Integrated Information System. The system covers all hospital activities and includes a Hospital...
Working in partnership with the Hygeia Group, SingularLogic developed a cutting edge Model Hospital Management System (MHMS) that utilises the outsourcing approach to meet the...