Commercial - Industrial - Services

SingularLogic offers large commercial and industrial enterprises and service providers a diverse range of integrated IT solutions designed to help them address the business needs and challenges modern companies face.

Traditionally, SingularLogic has been a leader in providing Integrated IT Solutions to the private sector in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. It has:

  • An extremely extensive portfolio of solutions based on well-established, highly acclaimed applications and platforms.
  • The necessary technical infrastructure and manpower to provide uninterrupted support to clients.
  • Project management experience accumulated from diverse vertical markets such as energy, exports, retail, food and beverages, to name a few.
  • A portfolio of advisory services to help its clients choose the right solution, while taking into account cash constraints.


SingularLogic has adopted a fully customer-oriented philosophy and is the strategic partner of around 700 large companies which are its clientele in this sector. Around 100 of them are multinationals, and rank among some of Greece’s most important companies.         

Case Studies

SingularLogic’ assignment was to re-design business processes, implement and run all IT systems and business procedures for the companies DELTA, Vigla, and Eurofeed in Greece and...
SingularLogic successfully implemented integrated system SingularLogic Enterprise ERP. Over the years the project has evolved, and today the system includes the customized...