One of SingularLogic’s major client groups is telecom providers, whether operating in Greece or abroad, where companies in that sector have expanded their operations.

SingularLogic strives to become a strategic partner in technology for companies in the sector by offering:

  • Horizontal solutions (ERP, CRM, HR, Portals, etc.) tailored to the needs of telecom providers, or solutions developed in-house to cover their specific needs.
  • Partnerships with major suppliers from the global telecommunications market.
  • Teams skilled in designing and implementing solutions customised to meet each specific client’s needs.
  • A local presence in the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania and Albania) as well as in Cyprus.


Deploying its extensive portfolio of solutions and services, SingularLogic has rolled out a large number projects for all Greek telecom providers as well as quite a few projects abroad.

Case Studies

SingularLgoic developed the Center Internet portal ( of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (ΟΤΕ), utilizing high-end technologies and state-of-the-art...
SingularLogic was commissioned to develop a Directory Assistance Platform for OTE. Anything to do with 11888 on the Internet has now been brought together under a single umbrella...
SingularLogic successfully installed the CRM and Customer Care systems which are used by the Vodafone Hellas Call Center and are based on the Oracle Siebel Communications solution...