Project Title
Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures
Project Active
Project Duration
€ 10,194,438
€ 7,817,631
Project Summary

Project scope: FINSEC will provide a mature implementation of the RA, based on the enhancement and integration of novel solutions of the partners (eg., Anomaly Detection, AI CCTV Analytics, Risk Assessment Engines, Collaborative Risk Analysis & Management, Compliance), which will be bundled in a toolbox. The RA implementation and the toolbox will be validated through realistic pilots involving stakeholders in the identification, assessment and mitigation of threats. The five pilots involve high-impact scenarios including SWIFT network protection, buildings and ATM networks security, peer-to-peer payments network protection, risk assessment for insurance purposes and securing financial SMEs. The pilots will engage >=500 security & finance experts, while providing a representative coverage of the financial services industry Towards maximum impact, FINSEC will establish an ecosystem of security solutions for the financial sector.

SingularLogic Role: SingularLogic involvement in FINSEC will be centered on the collaborative security functionalities and tools of the project, including tools and techniques for security in the financial supply chain. In particular, SiLO will be in charge of contributing and customizing its collaborative security system and tools (developed in the CYSM project and enhanced in the MITIGATE project) to the needs of critical infrastructures in the financial sector. Hence, SiLO will actively participate in the customization and adaptation of the collaborative security tools to the FINSEC reference architecture. Moreover, SiLO will have the leading role in the development of the market platform infrastructure of the project, based on its experience in developing on-line marketplaces.