Projects in Progress
10 Oct, 2022



Improved resilience and Cyber-Physical-Human security of key EU Critical Infrastructures

Programme: H2021 - IA / 101073909

Project Title: Improved resilience of Critical Infrastructures AgainsT LArge scale transNational and sysTemic rISks

Project Period: 10/2022 - 09/2025


Budget: € 9.998.538

Keywords: Cyber Security, Disasters


Project Summary

ATLANTIS aims at enhancing resilience and Cyber-Physical-Human (CPH) security of the key EU Critical Infrastructures, going beyond the scope of distinct assets, systems, and single CI, by addressing resilience at the systemic level against major natural hazards and complex attacks that could potentially disrupt vital functions of the society. The mission of ATLANTIS, which involves 39 European partners with complementary roles and skills, is to improve the resilience and the protection capabilities of interconnected ECI exposed to evolving systemic risks due to existing and emerging large-scale, combined, cyber-physical threats and hazards, guarantee the continuity of operations, while minimizing cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, other CIs, and the involved population, enabling public and private actors to meet current and emerging challenges by adopting sustainable security solutions.

Our role

SLG leads WP2, T2.4 “Information & Meta-data Traceability by design” and T5.5 “Cross-LSP validation and replication guidelines” and participates at LSP#2. Exploitation via the logistics and supply chain portfolio.