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Collection & presentation of election results

SingularLogic supports the Greek Ministry of the Interior in collecting and presenting the results of National, European, Regional, and Municipal Elections and Referendums, since 1981


SingularLogic is a reliable and stable partner of the Greek Ministry of Interior, able to undertake the full coverage of the election project in multiple areas:

  • Software design and implementation
  • Hardware provision and installation
  • Human resources provision
  • Results presentation
  • Project management and coordination

An election project is, undoubtedly, an event of critical importance that requires an extremely high level of responsibility. Thus, SingularLogic keeps a close eye on technology advancements and continuously adapts its software and hardware infrastructure.

Experience, validity, speed
Experience, validity, speed
Innovation & know-how
Experience & competency
Validity & speed
Reliability & security
Collection & presentation of election results
Collection & presentation of election results
  • Continuous redesign of the software with optimal use of new technologies
  • Developing modules and computerized processes to provide enhanced support to the State during elections
  • SRT, the Secure Results Transmission System, enables the direct transmission of election results by Judicial Officers via electronic devices, tablets
  • Multiple options to present the results to provide fast and comprehensive information to citizens
  • Responsive application development to provide access to different display sizes, such as smartphones
  • The comprehensive Electoral Processes Support System, integrated into the core Election System, facilitates voters living abroad to exercise their voting rights and modernizes the electoral process
  • An extensive telecommunication network interconnects numerous computers in multiple regional locations, the Ministry of Interior, Press Centers, Radio Stations, Political Parties, TV channels, and more
  • The cutting-edge SingularLogic Data Center provides operational project support
  • Backup infrastructures, such as dual systems, lines, and more, ensure operation under any condition
  • Creating a dedicated implementation team for the election project, consisting of more than 500 members, with the ongoing presence of SingularLogic personnel providing support to all regional project execution sites
  • Operating a massive Help Desk service to support the State in distributing the election material and provide support to Judicial Officers for the SRT system
  • Specialized implementation to transmit the election results to TV channels directly connected to the election database
  • Full support to display the results online
  • Provide a continuous flow of results to all media
  • Project management by top-level executives
  • Adopting international best practices
  • Creating and maintaining a knowledge repository
  • Measuring performance and reviewing project management processes