17 Jan, 2020

The National Public Health Organization enhances its productivity and efficiency with Galaxy Public Accounting

The National Public Health Organization enhances its productivity and efficiency with Galaxy Public Accounting
The National Public Health Organization (NPHO) enhanced its productivity and efficiency by incorporating Galaxy Public Accounting into daily operations.

The National Public Health Organization (NPHO)

The NPHO in Greece, as an entity, aims to provide services that contribute to the protection and improvement of health and the increase of the population's life expectancy by strengthening the capacity of the National Health System, particularly in the field of public health services, for the effective management of threats to human health from communicable diseases through timely detection, monitoring, and assessment of risks, reporting and submission of scientifically substantiated proposals and intervention measures.

It serves as the operational center for designing and implementing public health protection actions with preventive, operational, and interventionist characteristics, maintaining readiness to respond to health emergencies, and coordinating its functions with the specific needs of the country and international organizations with which it collaborates.

The objectives and the selection of the solution

The transformation of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO), which was a Legal Entity of Public Law (LEPL), into the new entity NPHO as a Legal Entity of Private Law (LEPL) has significantly changed the processes related to budgeting, accountability, and expenditures, as its operation now involves cash management.

The organization had different applications for monitoring the Warehouse, the Accounting Department, the Commitment Register, and its Financial Services, resulting in a need for more unified information and comprehensive workflow and process management. Therefore, the aim was to acquire a modern and integrated information system that would address its specific needs, evolve continuously, and at the same time be easily and quickly adopted by users.

The NPHO evaluated various applications used in the public sector and selected Galaxy Public Accounting, which fully met its specific requirements. Galaxy Public Accounting is a modern solution based on the Galaxy software platform, specifically designed to serve the needs of General Government Agencies, enabling its immediate and reliable implementation. Additionally, it brings the functionality of Galaxy ERP and can comprehensively cover the organization's needs for monitoring the Financial Department, Accounting, and Warehouse.

The implementation process

The transition of the organization from LEPL to LEPL brought significant changes to the working methods of its staff, as well as differences in creating the necessary reports it is obliged to deliver. After a series of meetings between the NPHO's executives and SingularLogic consultants, they defined the implementation steps. Within just two months, the software was functional for use by the organization. Additional functionality was gradually incorporated, helping the staff become familiar with the new way of operating and enhancing their productivity and efficiency. In this context, the NPHO will gradually integrate its Warehouse management to monitor its inventory and the healthcare supplies it imports, procures, and distributes to entities of the Greek public sector, such as Public Hospitals.

It is worth noting that during the data migration stage, the organization remained operational, and the reporting, invoicing, and procurement processes continued uninterrupted.

"One of the main benefits that has significantly saved us time is related to reporting. In the past, we did it manually. Now we do things much faster with Galaxy Public Accounting. The solution has allowed us to save several person-hours, redistributing human resources to more urgent matters." George Anastopoulos, Head of Financial Services at NPHO.



Administrative time savings for executives

The NPHO's employees quickly adapted to the new software, significantly contributing to its smooth operation after the change from LEPL to LEPL. All data entries are registered into Galaxy Public Accounting, where the automated and integrated workflows have greatly simplified the complexity of the required entries, thereby accelerating task completion and the monthly reporting processes since they are no longer manual. The new software has led to significant administrative time savings for the organization's employees, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

Processes automation

With Galaxy Public Accounting, the NPHO has optimized and automated its processes and approval workflows.

Automatic detailed recording of pre-commitments, which allocate the corresponding budget amounts, has contributed significantly to the accurate supervision of the budget and the prevention of possible errors. It also facilitates the proper representation of achievements in the monthly reports of the NPHO's Commitment Register to the Ministry of Health, under which it operates.