Press Releases
12 Jan, 2021

New Board of Directors in SingularLogic. Strategy and Perspectives.

New Board of Directors in SingularLogic. Strategy and Perspectives.

New Board of Directors in SingularLogic. Strategy and Perspectives.

SingularLogic, Space Hellas and Epsilon Net announce that the election and formation into a body of the new Board of Directors of SingularLogic has been completed. The new elected Board of Directors is consisted of the following members:

Spyridon Manolopoulos, President

Vasiliki Anagnostou, Vice President

Ioannis Michos, CEO

Ioannis Mertzanis, Deputy CEO

The new Board of Directors will proceed immediately to the implementation of the basic parts of the decided strategic plan, for the next era of SingularLogic, taking into consideration:

a) The best ways to exploit the know-how, human resources, and the client basis of the company.

b) The goal to maximize the results by exploiting the complementarity between the companies.

c) The emergence of a new perspective based on the joined forces of the companies with a common action plan, clear management model and complete range of products and services.

d) The successful respond in the digital transformation challenge both of the public and private sector.

The success of the strategic plan on the above guidelines is based on the structures and ways of operation having as a scope the direct respond to the market challenges.

The management of both companies, Space Hellas and Epsilon Net, based in their existing specialization and know-how, invest in SingularLogic, provide perspectives in the company’s directors and employees and correspond in a complete way to their clients and also create added value.

Both companies undertake the market area in which each one of them – as a result of its specialization – is able to correspond in a complete way, having excellent knowledge in its area, with an ultimate goal to maximize the results not only of SingularLogic, but also of Space Hellas and Epsilon Net.

Space Hellas undertake the area of public contracts and significant projects in the private sector supported by international software solutions and with specific information technology systems already successfully implemented by the engineers of SingularLogic.

Epsilon Net undertakes the area of self-productive software in commerce and accounting applications for businesses and ERP systems, as well as the development of a nationwide network of representatives – resellers.

At the same time, the buying companies proceed immediately to the establishment of a company as a commerce arm in the sector of self-productive software in commerce and accounting applications for businesses and ERP systems having as a goal the common communication and marketing strategy of the network of partners in order to cover in a more efficient way the end customers’ needs. It should be highlighted and be considered as a basic element of the strategic plan for the exploitation of important business opportunities coming in the digital transformation of businesses and the obligations related to the adjustments in the electronic invoicing, the complementarity of the total cooperation plan through the existing certification of Epsilon Net in AADE (Independent Authority of Public Income) as a provider in electronic invoicing. Such a dynamic approach provides solutions in the whole range of products and services of the new scheme, adding value and covering in a complete way the clients’ needs.

It should be noted that the two companies, Space Hellas and Epsilon Net, will not separate their business strategy in any way, as both companies will participate to all action plans that will be initiated within the scope to broad the market share.

The buying companies, through their mutual participation and commitment, achieve not only the common functional performance, but also at the same time the maximum cooperation between the three companies.