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21 Sep, 2023

Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards at the BITE Awards 2023

Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards at the BITE Awards 2023

Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards for SingularLogic at the BITE Awards 2023, in joint nomination with its clients

The BITE Awards is an established event in Greece that recognizes and awards outstanding achievements and initiatives in the ICT market in Greece. The awards ceremony for the year 2023 took place on Wednesday, September 20th.

During the ceremony, SingularLogic and "The Smile of the Child" were honored with the Gold Award for their joint nomination for developing and implementing the European Missing Alert Automated System (EMAAS) in the Innovative “New Digital Service" category. The system generates and disseminates content related to missing individuals for Amber Alert Hellas and Missing Alert Hellas.

At the same time, the project received the top score from the judging committee, among all submitted projects, additionally winning the Platinum Award for 2023.

This project highlights modern digital solutions' effectiveness and positive impact on society.

Furthermore, the joint nomination of SingularLogic with HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings SA received the Silver Award for designing and implementing the nationwide project, KALYPSO IT Security.

This project focuses on securing information technology systems across more than 220 company-operated fuel stations within the KALYPSO network, bearing the commercial brands EKO and BP of the HELLENiQ ENERGY Group.

This project is an initiative that aligns with HELLENiQ ENERGY's strategy for continuous operational optimization.

It is worth noting that the project had an extensive nationwide project, was executed seamlessly without disrupting the smooth operation of the fuel stations and was implemented within a timeframe of less than eight months. The project was nominated in the "Continuous Business Improvement" category.