Health Care Industry Solutions

SingularLogic is actively involved in the development and implementation of specialized & innovative solutions for the Healthcare Industry. We leverage the extensive knowhow gained through our long term cooperation with major Healthcare Institutions in South Eastern Europe, to empower your organization.

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Healthcare Management Solutions

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Collection and integration of all patient related, Medical and Transactional Data from all possible sources within the Hospital. The data are unified, indexed and role based layers of information, are made available to the authorized personnel (doctors, nurses) and the patients themselves, on any device (mobile, tablet, computer).

All medical data is at your personnel’s fingertips, whether they are in an office, an exam room, or even at home. Manage medications, access labs and test results are just some of the crucial types of information available in an instant. Functionality and workflows that let your medical staff focus on their practice and not on managing IT infrastructure. The EMR information includes elements such as:

  • Ιnfo from Laboratory examinations (L.I.S.)
  • Medical images from various imaging sources (P.A.C.S.)
  • Diagnoses relating to the above examinations (R.I.S.)
  • Track record of all patient related transactions (accounting, visits, HIS)
Vendor Neutral Archiving – 4PACS

A vendor neutral archive solution provides an optimized way to archive, manage and deliver imaging data with limited resources independent of dispersed, proprietary P.A.C.S. systems. The goal is to ensure that medical staff (nurses, clinicians and physicians) have fast, reliable access to patient data. This allows them make decisions with greater efficiency and provide medical health services of higher quality, at a lower cost.

4PACS by SingularLogic simplifies global access to imaging information and facilitates enhanced clinical collaborations. With a single point of distribution and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration, you gain a single view of the patient image data across the enterprise.

  • Ease of access, anytime from any device
  • Vendor Neutral, Flexible, Scalable
  • Focus on healthcare and not on IT management
  • Maximize Clinical Value, Minimize Cost
Reception Desk & Appointment Management

A well designed and properly equipped front desk can be a significant factor in ensuring the optimal operation for a healthcare organization.

Efficient resource management, fast gathering of the necessary data and provisioning of a welcoming experience for patients are only some of the benefits gained by the organization.

Hospital Information Systems (H.I.S.)

Integrated set of applications that meet the specialized needs of medical institutions with a patient centric approach. We ensure a detailed track record of the route, the patients follow during their hospital stay, the actions taken and the medical supplies consumed.

Management of the billing process, as well as monitoring of contracts with public and private insurers are among the functions we have mastered as well. All of the above work in direct interoperability with EMR, P.A.C.S. as well as with clinical laboratories and radiology (based on standard HL7) in order to provide a holistic patient view. Additionally our ERP, Warehouse Management, Accounting, HR & Payroll solutions, specially adapted on the Healthcare Industry, constitute a fully integrated H.I.S. on which you can rely your operation.


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Patient Care & Loyalty

CTI – Voice Solutions

We provide Integrated CTI solutions that combine elements such as IP telephony Systems (Avaya, Cisco, etc), Speech recognition software (Nuance), Call recording management (Nice), that help your organization streamline workflows, improve customer experience and minimize costs.

SingularLogic has invested in Natural Language Processing technologies (NLP/NLU), for more than 20 years, developing innovative Value Added, Speech enabled, solutions such as:

  • Auto Attendant / Call routing
  • Customer Care
  • Booking / Ticketing
Web Portals

Upgrade the image of your Healthcare Organization, promote your services and increase the engagement with your audience. Provide online patient care, personalized information (EMR), enhance your customer’s experience, increase their convenience and gain the competitive advantage.

Mobile Apps

Extend your reach on the device your personnel and patients use most and start leveraging the advantages of offering a unique mobile experience.

Patient Engagement & Relationship Management

Marketing drives customer loyalty and business growth for Healthcare providers as for any other enterprise. We have the experience, the knowhow and the systems that will help you build long lasting relationships with your audience, engage with them and become their preferred.


Extend your services portfolio with the ability to monitor the therapeutic and the pharmaceutical compliance for patients with chronic diseases or patients that are in recovery phase out of your healthcare organization’s premises. The Telecare platform leverages telematic technologies to monitor and record vital signs and other required data during recovery or during ordinary daily living activities.


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Services & Support

Consulting Services

We leverage the expertise we’ve gained, from guiding multiple of implementations in the healthcare industry, to work for you as well.

Our consulting experts provide their industry expertise and the solutions required for the successful transformation of your business, helping to improve your technical & operational efficiency, customer engagement & satisfaction, risk & regulatory compliance as well as revenue growth and cost control.

Business Intelligence

Adapt to rapidly changing market demands. Get valuable knowledge about your Healthcare Organization, your personnel and your patients.

Identify problematic areas in your operation, set goals and coordinate your activities in order to attain them. On the other hand, relevant and actionable data is probably the most crucial elements of an effective B.I. solution and Data Cleansing is one of the solutions that we strongly encourage our customers to adopt.

High level Support & SLAs

We value your business and we understand that more important than a successful implementation is a smooth day to day operation.

Our competent technical experts deliver product maintenance and businessto-business support with predefined, service level agreements to keep your business functioning smoothly. Our extensive experience and commitment to client success make SingularLogic your partner of choice.

Systems Integration and Custom Development

For many years now, we help our customers by developing customized interfaces to feed existing systems with new streams of data or achieve interoperability with other internal and external systems.

Middleware management and parameterization is also among our competences while quite often we are called to develop custom pieces of functionality. Based on our software development and system integration origins, you can be assured that we will be able to cover any ad-hoc or permanent need you may have.

Professional Services

Our professional services team, certified from the leading worldwide vendors, can help you understand and adopt best practices for your enterprise deployment so you can get the most out of your investment.

On top of that we are able to provide you with staff of various levels of expertize, in order to fill temporary or even long term needs for your Healthcare organization in areas such as: IT, Hardware, DB, Networking, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.

Data Center Services

Continuity of service is a non-negotiable condition for Healthcare Organizations. On the other hand, technology moves on rapidly. New business requirements drive in the development of more demanding software applications, which in turn require even more demanding platforms and powerful hardware equipment.

SingularLogic understands your needs from the data center facility, to the necessary platforms and the network infrastructure, ensuring your applications’ performance and availability. Managed hosting, Disaster Recovery, Backup as a service and Colocation are only some of the services that we provide. We handle all the burden, and let you focus on the actual business of your healthcare organisation.


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Customer Centric Approach

SingularLogic has extensive knowledge and expertize on the Healthcare industry, with major clients in the South East Europe. We successfully serve & support, since many years, healthcare organizations of any size, ranging from multihospital groups, individual clinics, medium and small diagnostic centers as well as suppliers of medical equipment.


Empowering the Health Care Industry